Arden loves being out on the river tubing, apple-eating, and marathon-Netflix-watching on lazy kinds of summer days. Arden uses math, spending time with animals, and long-to-do-lists to make the world make sense. She is happiest thinking about everything and nothing while relaxing in her room. A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Arden often travels with friends to the nearby beaches and Grand Isle. On these trips, Arden found that she actually does not care for the beach or sun, with her fair skin and propensity to get wicked sunburns. This eventually began Arden’s passion for skin cancer prevention. She combined this with her desire to help others in order to create this book, a call for prevention healthcare in the sun. Arden was also deeply influenced by the true story and purpose of the Lauren Savoy Olinde Foundation.

Arden attends Episcopal School of Baton Rouge and will graduate in the spring of 2017. When she is not involved in charity work tutoring at Thrive Charter School, working in a pre-medicine clinical immersion program at Our Lady of the Lake hospital, Arden spends large amounts of time perfecting small details in her projects and homework, studying for STEM classes, eating sushi with friends, offshore fishing, and baking.

Arden plans to pursue a career in medicine.