Skin Cancer Education for Cosmetologists “hair dressers”

Cosmetologists are a group of professionals that have regular access to their client’s face, scalp and neck. The average person does not see a dermatologists each year – but most Americans do go in for a haircut.


To educate cosmetologists to recognize the warning signs of skin cancer and encourage the referral of patients with suspicious spots to a dermatologist.


Dr. Lindsey Hall and the LSO Foundation created a skin cancer education video for use in cosmetology classrooms and salons.

Other materials to enhance education can be requested for distribution including;

  • 10 question comprehension quiz
  • ABCDE’s of Skin Cancer Information Sheet
  • “Skin Cancer Aware” stickers for placement on mirror glass

Please contact the Executive Director, Sarah Gray, to receive your dvd video and education materials. Dr. Lindsey Hall and Sarah Gray are available for presentation and speaking engagements.

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