Skin cancer education is a major part of the mission of the LSO Foundation. We believe that with education on sun safety and skin cancer, skin cancer can be prevented and caught earlier. 

Adult Education

A 45 minute speaking presentation with a powerpoint on sun safety and skin cancer detection, Sarah Gray, LSO Foundation Executive Director, is available to meet with any group (Rotary Clubs, Garden Clubs, Associations, Lifeguards, Sorority and Greek Chapter Meetings, high school students, sports teams, etc.). A donation of your choice is appreciated for our time. She will travel anywhere outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana with travel compensated to the Foundation if 30+ miles outside of Baton Rouge.


Cosmetologists Skin Cancer Education

Cosmetologists are a group of professionals that have regular access to their client’s face, scalp and neck. The average person does not see a dermatologists each year – but most Americans do go in for a haircut.

Please contact us to schedule a presentation with our Executive Director andor order our free skin cancer education video and education materials especially created for the cosmetologist!

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